Caro van Eyck

Other names: Gerarda Jacobina Everdina Taytelbaum


Dutch actress.
Daughter of Machiel Maurits Taytelbaum (*1870, †1946; Vice President of the Supreme Court of India), and of Gerardina Everdina Karssen (*1886).
She married firstly in 1938 (divorced 1945) the actor Paul Steenbergen, secondly in 1948 (divorced 1952) the journalist Alexander Sternheim (aka Alfred Pleiter, *1919), and thirdly in 1952 the film producer Hans Samuel Boekman (*1896, †1978).
She had no children.
Banned from acting in 1942 because her father was Jewish.
She became a leading actress and tragédienne from 1947.

Place of birth: Batavia
Place of first marriage: The Hague
Place of second and third marriages: Amsterdam
Place of death: Amstelveen



Taytelbaum, Gerarda Jacobina Everdina (1915-1979). Resources Huygens ING., 2017.

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