Paul Steenbergen

Other names: Paul Jozef Steenbergen


Dutch actor and theatre director.
Son of the actors Johannes Steenbergen and Adriana van de Griendt.
Married firstly in 1928 (four children, divorced 1938) to the actress Nelly Gijswijt (*1906, †1977), secondly in 1938 (divorced 1945) to the actress Caro van Eyck, thirdly in 1945 to Marie Louise Emelie Broda (*1915, †1949), and fourthly in 1950 to the actress Myra Ward (aka Myra Sijrier, *1916, †1990).
He enjoyed a long acting career, and was made co-director of the Hague Comedy in 1950, and sole director from 1960-71.
Awarded the Louis d'Or four times, and the Albert van Dalsumring in 1963.

Place of birth: Amsterdam
Place of death: The Hague



Steenbergen, Paul Joseph (1907-1989). Resources Huygens ING., 2013.

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