Isabella Colbran

Other names: Isabel Angela Colbran[E6E]


Daughter of Juan Colbran (†1820, musician in the chapel and chamber of the king of Spain) and of Teresa Ortola.[M3Y]
First studied under the composer and violinist F. Pareja, and later under G. Marinelli, and then G. Crescentini.[M3Y]
Received a scholarship from the Queen of Spain to study abroad.[M3Y]
Accompanied by her father, she travelled to France in 1801 (possibly making her debut in Paris), then to Sicily for some time, and then to Bologna in 1807 where she joined the Accademia Filarmonica.[M3Y]
From 1806-11, she sang in Bologna, Milan, and Naples and achieved great success.[M3Y]
Settled in Naples with the theatre impresario D. Barbaia from 1811 to 1822.[M3Y]
Married to Gioachino Rossini, 1822 (legally separated, 1836).[M3Y]
Her voice began to decline from 1823.[M3Y]

Place of birth: Madrid[M3Y]
Place of marriage and death: Castenaso, Bologna[M3Y]



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