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Muhammad Muhsin
Sipahdar Khan

Other Titles

Khan Jahan Bahadur
Izzu-ud-Daulah Khan 'Alam
Nasiri Khan

Positions Held

Faujdar of Jaunpur 1694-99
Subedar of Allahabad 1694 and 1705
Subedar of the Deccan 1688
Subedar of Lahore 1687
Subedar of Orissa
Deputy subedar of Bengal 1710?


On the death of Buzurg Ummid Khan, the Jaujdir of Jaunpur was put in his charge, and his rank became 3,000/3,000, and he was honoured with the gift of a kror of dams. In 1699 he was removed from there. He was made the governor of Allahabad, received, as a reward for his chastisement of Mahabat, a landholder of Jaunpur, the rank of 4000/3500. From this it appears that he became the governor of Allahabad a second time. After the death of Aurangzeb and in the reign of Bahadur Shah he received the title of Khan Jahan 'Izz-ud-Daula Bahadur. There were memorials of him in Aurangabad near the Delhi gate: a lofty building, and opposite to it a bath of exquisite purity; but were later in ruins. The ranks he was awarded were: 3000/3000 in 1694; 4000/3500 in 1705; 5000/3500 in 1706.



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