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Muhammad Hasan Muzaffar Khan
Himmat Khan

Other Titles

Muzaffar Khan
Bahadur 1688

Positions Held

Faujdar of Jaunpur 1693
Faujdar of Gorakhpur 1690
Subedar of Awadh 1690
Subedar of Bijapur 1686
Subedar of Allahabad 1686-87 and 1691


In 1687 he received a robe of honour, a sword and an elephant, and was sent off to Bijapur. After Bijapur was taken in 1688, he received a horse with decorated trappings, the mansab of 2500/2200, the title of Bahadur and the gift of 80 lacs of dams, and was put in charge of Allahabad. After resuming his post as governor of Allahabad in 1692, he was summoned to the Court. In 1695, he waited upon the King, and was sent off to the fort of Parnala to convey the family of Sultan Mu'izz-ud-Din to him. In 1697, when Ruh Ullah Khan and others were defeated by the Mahratta leader, Santa Ghorpare in Ghorpara, as is detailed in the biography of Qasim Khan Kirmani, Muzaffar Khan in accordance with orders, made a rapid march and engaged Santa. A great battle took place and though he defeated the foe, a bullet struck him in the chest and he was killed.



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