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Mir Malik Husain
Khan Jahan Bahadur Kokaltash Zafar Jang

Other names: Khan Jahan Kokaltash Alamgiri, Bahadur Khan Mir Hasan Khan Koka

Positions Held

Governor of the Deccan 1674
Subedar of Allahabad 1666 and 1690
Subedar of Gujarat 1667-70

Faujdar of Hoshangabad Handia


Generally called Bahadur Khan, he was a nobleman of high dignity, and being the foster-brother of the emperor 'Alamgir, he thought himself superior to all the other 'Umra. After being created Khan Jahan Bahadur Kokaltash Zafar Jang, his sole longing was to justify his claim to be in fact as in name 'the Victorious in war'. As the proverb says, 'His iron was always in the fire'. He was good looking and very ambitious to be thought a soldier. Although the son of a man from Iran, he modelled himself in all things on the Pathans of Mau Shamsabad and Shahjahanpur; his costume from head to foot, his saddlery and equipment, his life and manners, every movement and gesture aped those of the Pathans. He served the Emperor in many military and administrative capacities, particularly in the Deccan, which he was able to put under control. He received the following mansabs: 700/100 in 1653/54; 900/400 in 1656/57; 1000/500 in 1657/58; 5000/5000 in 1658/59; 6000/6000 in 1674; 7000/7000 in 1675/76.




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