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The third incarnation of the god Vishnu in the form of a boar. There are conflicting accounts of this incarnation. In the Brahmanas it is said that Brahma the Creator, as Prajapati, took the form of a boar for the purpose of raising the earth out of the boundless flood, but the more modern accounts and present popular belief unite in ascribing this deed to Vishnu. We return to the time of the Flood, where the earth, we read, was submerged under the waters by a demon named Hiranyaksha and the final extinction of all life was imminent when Vishnu infused part of his essence into the form of a huge boar who dived into the abyss of waters and after a struggle lasting a thousand years slew the demon and rescued the earth. As is to be expected, an allegorical interpretation of this miracle is given in the Puranas. The elevation of the earth on the tusks of a huge boar is regarded as the extrication of the world from the deluge of sin by the power of the Supreme Being.




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