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Independent Eastern Orthodox Churches

The Independent Eastern Orthodox Churches, also known as autocephalous or self-governing Orthodox Churches, are religious bodies within the broader Eastern Orthodox tradition that have gained ecclesiastical autonomy and self-administration. They are not under the direct jurisdiction of one of the major autocephalous Orthodox Churches, but instead, they govern their own affairs, including the election of bishops and the administration of sacraments, while maintaining the essential teachings and liturgical traditions of Eastern Orthodoxy. While they share common theological beliefs and practices with the larger Orthodox communion, they often emerged due to historical, geographical, or ecclesiastical factors.These churches reflect the diversity and decentralisation within Eastern Orthodoxy.

Abkhazian Orthodox Church
Albanian Orthodox Church in America
Ancient Church of the East
Assyrian Church of the East
Belarusian Autocephalous Orthodox Church
Church of the East (Nestorian Church)
Montenegrin Orthodox Church
North America, Holy Orthodox Church in
Turkish Orthodox Patriarchate, Autocephalous
Ukrainian Autocephalous Orthodox Church – Canonical
Ukrainian Orthodox Church – Kyiv Patriarchate

Extinct churches are in italics.

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