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A collection of genealogies of families from around the world displayed in traditional format, and of varying length. Each charts shows descendants in the male line, but continues through a female line if the surname (or obvious membership to the family) has been assumed by a descendant. Biographies and images are also featured where possible.
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Name Main Regions
Family Chart
Adams England, USA
Agolli Doshishti Albania
Ahenobarbus Rome
Ahrari Uzbekistan, Afghanistan, India
Amanat Khan India
Amirejibi Georgia, Russia
Amurru Syria
Apponyi, Pecs Slovakia, Hungary
Aqa Mulla Persia, Mughal Empire
Arnstein, Arnsteiner Austria (Vienna)
Asser Netherlands
Attar, Chaqaniani Central Asia, Uzbekistan
Awadh India
Baili, Badile Italy (Verona)
Baharlu Persia, Mughal Empire
Bamberg Germany (Berlin)
Bani Mukhtar India
Barcid Empire of Carthage
Barrymore USA
Barton Scotland, Australia
Bassonville, Basseville Italy
Beer, Meyerbeer Germany (Berlin), France (Paris)
Bellini Italy (Venice)
Bellini, Bellini delle Stelle Italy (Florence)
Bellini, Bellini del Susina Italy (Florence)


Blyth England, India


Born, Buttermilch Germany, England


Brodribb, Irving England
Burdg USA
Caldwell USA
Casper, Caspar Germany (Berlin)
Castello, de Castro, de Malta Italy, Malta


Cauer Germany
Cervantes Spain
Cervantes, Gomez de Cervantes Spain, Mexico
Chiaramonte [old line] Italy
Cohen, Levin, Robert-Tornow Germany (Berlin)
Colt USA (Conn.)
Colt USA (N.J.)
Colt USA (Mass., Conn.)
Colt, Coult USA (Conn., N.J.)
England, Australia
Curchod Switzerland, France
Darvall England, Australia
Des Courdes France
Dodgson Lancashire, England
Donelson, Jackson USA
Dormizer, Dormitzer Czech Republic (Prague)
Drew Ireland, USA
Dughlat Moghulistan, Kashgaria
Duncker Germany (Berlin)
Dyce, Dys, Dyss, Dyes, Diss Scotland, India
Ehrenberg, Elton Germany, Britain


Ephraim, Ebers, Eberty Germany (Berlin)
Ephrussi Ukraine, Austria, France
Fabela Mexico


Fabry, Favry, Fabergé France, Russia, Finland
Ferrero, Ferrero-Ponziglione Italy
Fleischl Austria
Fraenkel, Frankel, Fränkel, Fraenckel, Frankl Germany (Berlin)
Fraenkel Germany (Ansbach, Fuerth)
Gans Germany (Hanover, Celle)
Gardner Ireland, England, India
Goldschmidt, Cassel, Goldsmith Germany (Frankfurt), England
Gramont, Agramont France
Guggenheim Germany (Frankfurt)
Guggenheim Switzerland, USA
Harding USA
Harpur Ireland, Australia
Hemingway, Hemmingway, Hemenway, Hemmenway USA
Hilliard England (Exeter, London)
Hittites Turkey, Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, Palestine, Cyprus
Hoghton, Houghton, Hocton England (Lancashire)
Itzig, Hitzig Germany (Berlin)
Jerusalem Czech Republic (Prague)
Jhering, Ihering Germany


Katzenellenbogen, Wahl Poland
Khwajah Persia, Mughal Empire
Khuttalani Mongols, Timurid Empire
Köstlin Germany (Baden-Württemberg)
Kummer Germany
Lämel, Lammel Czech Republic (Prague), Austria (Vienna)
Lamprecht Germany (Spandau, Berlin)
Lang, Longus Germany (Augsburg)
Lang Germany (Württemberg)
Lang Germany (Munich)
Lang Germany (Württemberg)
Lang Germany (Württemberg)
Lang United Kingdom
Leonard, Learned USA
Levi, Segal Germany (Berlin)
Levi Germany (Berlin)
Levi Germany (Berlin)
Levi, Veitel, Wulff Austria (Vienna), Germany (Berlin)
Li Cheng-Han, China
Liepmann, Liebmann, Liman Germany (Berlin)
Lutwidge England
Madero Spain, Mexico


Magnard France
Mancini, Mancini-Mazarini Italy, France
Mantegna Italy (Padua, Mantua)
Marchudd Wales
Massylies, Massinissa Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia (Numidia, Mauretania) 
Mauri Morocco, Algeria
May USA (Mass.)
Mazo Spain, Mexico


Mendelssohn, Mendelssohn-Bartholdy Germany
Mendelssohn Germany (Berlin)
Meyer, Bendix Germany
Meyer Germany (Berlin)
Milhous Ireland, USA
Mitanni Turkey, Syria
Montes de Ocas Mexico


Montiel Mexico


Morse England, USA
Mughals (Timurid) India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Bangladesh
Murray, Murray-Prior Scotland, Australia
Nardi, Sangallini Italy (Florence)
Nardi, da Vaglia Italy (Vaglia, Florence)
Nardi Italy (Montepulciano, Florence)
Nickson, Nixon USA
Nixon Ireland, USA
Ochse, Osborn Germany, England
Oddo Italy
Oelrichs Germany, USA
Onsorg, Ohnsorg, Ansorg, Aunsorg, Aunsorgen Germany (Augsburg)
Parker USA (Mass.)
Paterson Scotland, Australia
Peña Mexico


Pennington England (Muncaster, Cumberland)
Pennington England (Seaton, Cumbria)
Pennington England (Henham, Essex)
Peréz Mexico


Perkins USA
Phocas Byzantium
Porges, Spiro Porges Czech Republic (Prague)
Porges Czech Republic, Austria, France
Porter USA (Conn.)
Porter USA (Utah)
Porter USA (Mass.)
Porter USA (Conn.)
Prior England
Przibram, Pribram Czech Republic, Austria
Qaramanlu Mughal Empire
Qara'unas Mongols, Chaghatay
Rohden, von Germany, Italy
Germany 4407
Reuss-Greiz, Weida Germany
Reuss-Gera, Reuss-Schleiz, Reuss-Lobenstein, Reuss-Ebersdorf   Germany
Salomon, Hannover, Saling, Bartholdy Germany (Berlin)
Sánchez Mexico


Santi, Sante, Sanzio Italy (Urbino)
Sanudo Greece
Savoy, Savoie, Savoia France, Italy, Spain, Ethiopia
Savoy, Savoie, Savoia
Scarburgh, Scarborough England, USA
Schey Hungary, Austria
Schiele Austria
Seherr-Thoss Poland, Germany, Czech Republic
Seherr-Kunern, Seherr-Thoss Poland, Germany
Seligmann Russia
Smith England, Australia
Spencer USA
Spira, Spiro Czech Republic (Prague)
Stearns England, USA
Steuart USA
Stillman USA (Mass., Conn., R.I.)
Swann, Swan England, USA
Sweerts, Zweerts Netherlands, Indonesia
Tausk, Wulff Germany (Berlin)
Taychiut, Taychiyut, Taychi'ut Mongos, Timurid Empire
Timurid Timurid Empire
Tompson, Thompson England, USA
Troschke, Droske, Droschke, Droke, Truschke, Troski Poland, Germany
Tudor, Owen Wales, England
Varie, Varye France
Vélez Mexico


Vezirishvili Georgia, Russia
Ward, Cullen-Ward England, Australia
Wied, Runkel, Westerburg Germany, Albania
Wiener Czech Republic, Austria
Williams USA (Mass.)
Wise England (Sidenham, Totnes, Devonshire)
Wise England (Warwickshire)
Wise England
Wise USA (Virginia)
Wise USA (Virginia)
Wise USA (Mass., Maine)
Wolf, Wulff, Meisels Poland, Germany
Woolner England
Wulff Germany (Berlin)
Wyse Ireland
Wysse, Wise Scotland
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