Johannes Verhulst

Other names: Johannes Josephus Hermanus Verhulst[E6Y]

Positions Held

Director of the Felix Meritis orchestra, 1865[E6Y]
Director of the Caecilia orchestra, 1864[E6Y][E6Y]
Director of the choir of the Amsterdam section of Toonkunst, 1864[E6Y]
Director of the Diligentia concerts in The Hague, 1860-86, res.[E6Y]
Conductor of the Rotterdam Toonkunst choir, 1843–44 and 1848–63[E6Y]
Music director at the court of Willem II, 1842[E6Y]
Conducter of the Euterpe orchestra, 1838–42


Composer, and conductor.[E6Y]
One of the first pupils at the Koninklijke Muzijkschool in The Hague, studying violin and theory there.[E6Y]
Church organist, 1832, and played in the orchestras of the royal chapel, and the Théâtre Français where he learnt orchestration from its conductor C.-L.-J. Hanssens.[E6Y]
Continued his studies in Leipzig from 1838 where he befriended Schumann, and then returned to the Netherlands in 1842.[E6Y]
Achieved international fame as director of the 1854 Rotterdam festival.[E6Y]
Withdrew from public life after 1886.[E6Y]

Place of birth: The Hague[E6Y]
Place of death: Bloemendaal[E6Y]



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