Jean-Pierre Soliť


Composer, and singer.[E6V]
His father was a cellist in the theatre at NÓmes.[E6V]
Learnt music as a young boy and was a choirboy in the local cathedral.[E6V]
Gave singing and guitar lessons in the south of France and played the cello in local theatre orchestras.[E6V]
Began work as a tenor in Avignon, 1778, and achieved great success by 1789.[E6V]
In 1790, he began his career as a dramatic composer, and wrote some 40 operas.[E6V]
A son, Emile Soliť (*1801, Paris; †>1867, ?Ancenis) was a writer on music, and his son, Charles Soliť, was a conductor.[E6V]

Place of birth: NÓmes[E6V]
Place of death: Paris[E6V]



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