Pablo de Sarasate

Other names: Pablo Martin Melitón De Sarasate y Navascuéz [E6U]


Violin virtuoso, and composer.[E6U]

Began to play the violin at the age of five.[E6U]
Sponsored by the Condesa Espoz y Mina to study in Madrid with M.R. Sáez.[E6U]
With the help of Queen Isabella, he commenced studies with Delphin Alard at the Paris Conservatoire in 1856.[E6U]
Won the premier prix in violin and solfège in 1857, and a prize for harmony in 1859, and then commenced world concert tours which increased his fame.[E6U]
A number of composers dedicated works to him including Bruch, Saint-Saëns, Joachim, Wieniawski, and Dvorak.[E6U]
Bequeathed his 1724 Stradivari violin to the Paris Conservatoire, and his other known as 'Boissier' (dated 1713), to the Madrid Conservatory.[E6U]

Place of birth: Pamplona[E6U]
Place of death: Biarritz[E6U]



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