John Powell


American pianist, composer, ethnomusicologist, composer.[1]
His father was a headmaster of a girl's school and his mother, an amateur musician.[1]
Studied piano in Vienna under Theodor Leschetizky, and composition under Karel Navrрtil.[1]
His concert debut was in Berlin, 1907, and he began a European tour.[1]
Moved to London where he met with Joseph Conrad for the possibility of a libretto which did not eventuate, but his Rhapsodie nУgre was inspired by Conrad's Heart of Darkness.[1]
Moved back to Virginia, 1914.[1]
Settled in Charlottesville, 1916, and founded the Society for the Preservation of Racial Integrity.[1]
Was an active sponsor of Virginia's Racial Integrity Act of 1924.[2]
Married to the actress, director and playwright Louise Burleigh in 1928.[2]
Retired from performing in concert, 1936.[1]
Virginian declared 'John Powell Day', in 1951.[1]
Was also an amateur astronomer, and had a comet named after him.[1]

Place of birth: Richmond, Virginia[1]
Place of death: Charlottesville, Virginia[1]



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