Antony Lamotte

Other names: Nicolas-Antoine-Antony

Positions Held

Conductor at l'Alcazar de Lyon, 1853-87
Conductor at the Château-Rouge
Conductor at Valentino
Conductor of the Salle Barthélemy
Conductor of the Château-d'Eau, 1849


Composer, and conductor.
As a boy, his parents had destined him for the priesthood.
At the age of eight, he was sent to Soissons for schooling and spent five years studying musical theory.
He then entered the seminary of Soissons, followed by the seminary of Laon, but left due to his poor performance.
Became a soldier and joined the 8th dragoons for a year, and then became a teacher for the next four years.
Landed in trouble with the police for performing at a concert with the société philharmonique for the imprisoned Prince Louis-Napoléon at Ham.
Moved to Paris, 1843 and made a living selling his compositions..
Became acquianted with the composer an Paris Conservatory professor Antoine Elwart who gave him lessons in harmony composition and was to recommend him to Berlioz.
Carried out an engagement as conductor at the Argyll Rooms in London, 1857
Composed some 300 works.

Place of birth: Beaurieux, Aisne
Place of death and burial: Dublin


Source: Boisson, M. La Vie Musicale - Visages Effacés: Antony Lamotte. Comoedia, 08-07-1922

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