Joseph Christoph Kessler

Other names: Joseph Christoph Kötzler[P15A]


Composer, and pianist.[P15A]

Pupil of the organist Bilek.[P15A]
Went to Vienna to study philosophy, 1816.[P15A]
Went to Lemberg, 1820, where he taught piano at the house of Count Potocki for four years.[P15A]
He composed his renown Études, op. 20, at Lemberg which were published in Vienna and Paris, and these were played in concerts by Liszt.[P15A]
Went to Warsaw, 1829, then to Breslau, and back to Lemberg in 1825 to teach for a number of years. His last move was to Vienna in 1857.[P15A]
His Études rhapsodiques gained as much prominence as his op. 20, and he also published nocturnes, polonaises, and concertos, amongst other works.[P15A]

Place of birth: Augsburg[P15A]
Place of death: Vienna[P15A]



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