Francesco Saverio Geminiani


Baroque composer[M3AZ]
Son of Giuliano Geminiani, violinist at the Cappella Palatina of Lucca, and his wife Angela.[M3AZ]
Studied the violin under Carlo Ambrogio Lonati.[M3AZ]
Studied under Alessandro Scarlatti and Arcangelo Corelli in Rome between 1705 and 1707.[M3AZ]
Returned to Lucca, 1707, and assumed his father position of violinist at the Cappella Palatina of Lucca for the next two years.[M3AZ]
Left Italy for England, 1714, and began composing there.[M3AZ]
Joined the freemasons, 1725, as a member of the Philomusicae et architecturae societas, and was later granted the post of 'perpetual dictator'.[M3AZ]
Became a member of the Academy of Vocal Music, 1726.[M3AZ]
Aside from composing and teaching music, he was also dealing in art, with little success.[M3AZ]
He spent the rest of his life working in London and Dublin, with a brief period in Paris in 1752[Y7P] and Holland from 1746-47, but never enjoyed any great success during his lifetime.[M3AZ]

Place of birth: Lucca[M3AZ]
Place of death and burial: Dublin[M3AZ]



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