Frederick Sandys

Other names: Antonio Frederic Augustus Sanda (baptism)


Painter, and illustrator.[F76]
Son of Anthony Sands (~1804-83, artist) and Mary Ann Brown (†1883), and brother of Emma Sandys.[F76]
In 1853, the family changed its name to Sandys.
Married 1853 to Georgina Creed, but they separated.[F76]
His common-law wife was Mary Emma Jones (1845–1920, actress known as Miss Clive) and they had issue bearing the surname Neville.[F76]

Place of birth: Norwich[F76]
Place of baptism: St Stephen's Church, Norwich[F76]
Place of marriage: St Pancras Church, London[F76]
Place of death: Kensington, London[F76]
Place of burial: Brompton cemetery, London[F76]




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