Louis Clapisson

Other names: Antonin-Louis Clapisson[E6D]


Knight of the Legion of Honour, 1847[E6D]


French composer, teacher, and curator.[E6D]
His father was a horn player who played at the Teatro San Carlo in Naples, and led the military band for King Joachim Murat.[E6D]
His family returned to France and settled in Bordeaux in 1815 where his father was appointed principal horn at the Grand Théâtre, and Louis began his musical studies.[E6D]
Began concert tours in southern France, and later joined the Grand Théâtre orchestra as a violinist.[E6D]
Joined the Paris Conservatoire, 1830, and studied violin under Habeneck, and counterpoint and fugue with Antoine Reicha.[E6D]
Violinist at the Théâtre Italien, and later, with the Paris Opéra in 1832.[E6D]
Member of the Institut, 1854.[E6D]
Member of the Academia Imperial das Bellas Artes, Rio de Janeiro.[E6D]
Professor of harmony at the Paris Conservatoire, 1862.[E6D]
A composer of mainly opéra comique.[E6D]

Place of birth: Naples[E6D]
Place of death: Paris[E6D]



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