Miguel Ángel Asturias


Nobel Prize for Literature, 1967[U75]
Lenin Peace Prize, 1966 (Soviet Union)[U75]
Prix Sylla Monsegur 1931 (France)[U75]
Chavez Prize, 1923[U75]


Guatemalan ambassador to France, 1966-70[B5]
Guatemalan ambassador to Mexico[B5]
Guatemalan ambassador to Argentina[B5]
Guatemalan ambassador to El Salvador[B5]

Poet, novelist, and diplomat.[B5] Founder of the magazine El diario del aire.[J92] He lost his Guatemalan citizenship and was exiled to Argentina in 1954, and later moved to Paris permanently.[B5] He was the son of Ernesto Asturias and Maria Rosales. He married firstly in 1939 to Clemencia Amado (divorced, 1947), and secondly to Blanca Mora y Araujo. He had two sons: Rodrigo and Miguel Ángel.[U75]

Place of birth: Guatemala City[B5]
Place of death: Madrid, Spain[B5]



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