Moritz Hauptmann


Composer, theorist, and teacher.[F6G]
Son of the architect Johann Gottlob Hauptmann and of Louise Salome Saxe, he married Susette Hummel in 1841.[F6G]
Studied mathematics and architecture,[F6G] and then violin and composition with Spohr in 1811.[E6J]
Violinist in Dresden, 1812-15.[E6J]
Private music teacher to the family of Prince Repnin in Vienna, 1815-20.[E6J]
Court chapel violinist under Spohr at Kassel for 20 years where he developed as a composer and theorist.[E6J]
Kantor of the Thomasschule in Leipzig, 1842.[E6J]
Taught theory and composition at the Leipzig Conservatory, 1843.[E6J]
Editor of the Allgemeine musikalische Zeitung, 1850.[E6J]
Founder-member of the Bach-Gesellschaft, 1850.[E6J]
Some of his more prominent students were Hans von Bülow, Ferdinand David, Salomon Jadassohn, Joseph Joachim, and C.F. Weitzmann.[E6J]

Place of birth: Dresden[E6J]
Place of death: Leipzig[E6J]



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