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Shah Nimatullah Wali Kirmani
1st Qutb of the Nimatullahi Order

Other Names

Saiyid Nur-ud-Din Shah Nimat Ullah, Ni'matullah Shah Kirmani


Amir Nur al-Haq Wa'd-Din

Positions Held

1st Qutb of the Nimatullahi Order


A descendant of Musa Kazim, the 7th Imam, Nimatullah was the founder of the Nimatullah Sufi Order. The son of Mir 'Abdullah (Mir 'Abdullah Yafi'i?), he grew up in Iraq and then lived for seven years in Mecca, and later moved to Samarqand, Herat, and Yazd. He finally settled in Mahan, near Kerman, where he attracted large numbers of devotees. He was a learned and pious Muslim, and an excellent poet. He is said to have performed miracles. He was the disciple of Shaikh 'Abdullah Yafa'i, but followed the tenets of Imam Shafa'i. Nimatullah was the author of nearly 500 books and pamphlets.

Place of birth: Aleppo
Place of death: Mahan
Place of burial: Mahan



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