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Amir Khan Mir Miran Yazdi III

Positions Held

Subedar of Bihar 1675-76 and 1676-77
Darocha-i Gurzbardaran 1670
Subedar of Allahabad 1669-70 and 1671-72
Subedar of Kabul 1660-61, 1665-66, 1671-72, 1674-75,1677-78 and 1699
Deputy Subedar of Lahore 1659-60
Faujdar of Kohistan-i-Jammu 1658-66
Mir Tuzuk 1655-56


A nobleman of high rank in the time of the emperors Shah Jahan and 'Alamgir, he was a great favourite of the latter. After his death, the emperor conferred the title of Amir Khan on his son.

Place of death: Kabul



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