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Milos Bogičević


Bogičević earned a doctorate in law in Vienna before becoming professor of international law at the university of Belgrade.  In 1904, he became secretary of the mission in Paris, and three years later, the envoy for the Serbian embassy in Berlin.  After World War I began, he was transferred to Cairo in 1914, and left for Paris and then Zurich in 1915 and took it upon himself to act as a mediator between France and Germany.  He was then dismissed by the Serbian government.  A criminal investigation was launched against him in 1921, but it was dropped, apparently because he had in his possession documents implicating the Austro-Hungarian Empire and the Karadgeordgevics in the coup of 1903 and the assassination of Prince Alexander Obrenovic.  He moved to Germany and published several books which was financed by the German government.   He was opposed to the government of Nikola Pasić and accused it of being involved in the Sarajevo assassination.  In 1938, he had applied to the Berlin Embassy, possibly on Hitler's orders who wanted to place him in a high post in Belgrade, but was murdered in a hotel in Berlin.  It is believed that he was killed on Hitler's orders or by the Serbian secret police.

Place of birth: Belgrade
Place of death: Berlin



. Ovaj Srbin je tvrdio da je Srbija kriva za Prvi svetski rat! Pravda, 19 August 2014.

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