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Mihailo Bogičević

Positions Held

Director of the national railways, 1897
Mayor of Belgrade, 1886-87 and 1894-96
Minister of Construction


Bogičević studied in Sabac and Belgrade before continuing higher school studies in Paris and embarked on a successful career in the civil service when he was appointed to a number of important positions.  He was a member of the Progressive Party. After his marriage to Katarina which was met with disapproval by the Church because of their close blood-ties, the two left Belgrade and travelled abroad. They adopted the painter, humanitarian, and co-founder of the Circle of Serbian Sisters, Delfina Ivanićs.  They returned to Belgrade a number of years later after making peace with the Metropolitan of Belgrade, and Bogičević began to plan the building of the Church of Saint Sava.

Place of birth: Zemun
Place of death: Belgrade




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