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Ante Bogičević

Positions Held

Voivode in Loznica, 1807


Bogičević had joined the rebels during the early stages of the Serbian uprising, and helped to gather as many arms as possible.  He proved himself to be very skilled in battle and in fending off Turkish attacks which were launched frequently against Loznica.  He distinguished himself against the Turks to liberate Radjevina and Jadar in 1807 and was made a voivode in Loznica.  He was most prominent in the battle for Loznica in 1810 where he led the Serbian army to victory against the Turks.  After his death, his tomb was desecrated by the Turks and his body mutilated and thrown into the Stira River.  His remains were later retired and reburied.  His was succeeded as voivode by his son Bogosav.

Place of death: near Loznica
Place of burial: Sanac, later, Loznica




. Anta Bogičević. Grad Loznica. [n.d.].

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