Albert Roussel

Other names: Albert Charles Paul Marie[E6T]


A composer.[E6T]
Joined the navy, 1887, and quit in 1894 to become a musician.[E6T]
Settled in Paris, 1894.[E6T]
Entered the Schola Cantorum and studied there under Vincent d'Indy.[E6T]
Taught composition at the Schola Cantorum, 1902-14, his pupils included Varèse, Satie, Le Flem, Raugel and Roland-Manuel.[E6T]
First gained considerable success with his orchestral work Résurrection, 1903.[E6T]
Served at the front in 1915 during World War I, he withdrew in 1918 due to his health.[E6T]
Purchased a property at Varengeville, 1920.[E6T]
His opera Padmâvatî received critical acclaim in 1923.[E6T]
Toured America, 1930.[E6T]

Place of birth: Tourcoing[E6T]
Place of death: Royan[E6T]
Place of burial: Varengeville[E6T]



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