Francisco Montes de Oca Saucedo


Cross for the French Intervention, 1869 (Mexico)[N67]

Positions Held

Senator, 1884[N67]
Federal deputy, 1882[N67]
Brigadier general, 1882[N67]
Director of the Military Hospital of San Lucas, Mexico City, 1867-76 and 1878-85†[N67]
Director of the San Juan de Dios hospital, Puebla, 1863[N67]
Colonel, 1867[N67]
Regidor of Mexico City, 1861 and 1867[N67]

Main Events

A surgeon and politician, Montes de Oca began his career in medicine in 1856, and in 1857, worked at the San Pablo hospital in the military section where he treated those wounded during the War of the Reform. He was a member of the medical military personnel during the attack on the sentry in San Cosme in 1858. He was expelled  from the National School of Medicine for his liberal views in 1859. That year, he tended to the wounded during the battle at Tacubaya, and was almost executed along with the Martyrs of Tacubaya. In 1861, he joined the army as a surgeon, and was present at the French Siege of Puebla in 1867. He was the founder and director of the Escuela Práctica Médico-Militar in 1880. He also founded the school in the military hospital in 1881, which was renamed the Hospital Militar de Instrucción until 1930.[N67]

Place of birth: Mexico City[N67]
Place of death: Apan, Hidalgo, Mexico[N67]
Place of burial: Mexico City[O94]


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