Frances Burney

Other names: Fanny Burney,[P20] Madame d'Arblay[P20]

Positions Held

Second Keeper of the Robes, 1786-91[P20]


Novelist, diarist, and playwright.[P20]
Achieved critical success with her first novel Evelina.[P20]
Accepted the role at court for financial reasons, but the position left her exhausted mentally and physically.[P20]
Went to France with her husband, 1801, and they were stranded there because of the war until 1815 when they returned to settle in Bath.[P20]
Moved to London after her husband's death.[P20]
Her works include four published novels, eight plays (one incomplete), and her letters and journals.[P20]

Place of birth: King's Lynn, Norfolk[P20]
Place of death: London[P20]
Place of burial: Walcot Church, Bath[P20]



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