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Katarina Konstantinović

Main Events

Prince Mihailo Obrenović III was unhappy in his marriage with Julia Hunyadi and he intended to marry Katarina with her mother's support. It is said that she was engaged to him by 1868. The idea of the marriage was very unpopular with the Serbian people and opposed by the Church and politicians. Prime Minister Garasanin had been removed from office in 1867 because of his opposition to it. When Prince Mihailo was murdered along with Katrina's mother Anka, Katarina herself was wounded, but fought off her assailants. She married Blaznavac that year and bore him a son, Vojislav (†1910), and a daughter Millica who died when she was a child. After her second marriage to Mihailo Bogičević which was met with disapproval by the Church because of their close blood-ties, the two left Belgrade and travelled abroad. They adopted the painter, humanitarian, and co-founder of the Circle of Serbian Sisters, Delfina Ivanić. Katarina later caused scandal after she began an affair with her son's friend, and had to rely on her son for financial assistance. Her year of birth is uncertain and some sources state it was 1849, and others, 1851.

Place of birth: Bucharest
Place of death: Niš
Place of burial: Belgrade





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