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Brinley Newton-John


Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, 1972


A university administrator and professor of German literature. He was assistant master at Christ’s Hospital, 1936-38, and at Stowe School, 1938-40. He joined the RAF in 1940 in intelligence, and interrogated captured German pilots using his level German language knowledge. In 1941, he helped confirm the identity of Rudolph Hess which led to his arrest. He worked in the intelligence unit at Bletchley Park in 1942, and was promoted to war substantive flight lieutenant in 1945. After the war, he returned to teaching and became headmaster for Cambridgeshire High School for Boys in 1945. He moved to Australia in 1954 with his family to commence his post as master of Ormond College in Melbourne. In 1958, he was associate professor of German and head of the department of arts at Newcastle University College; deputy warden of the college, 1963; vice-principal of the new university, 1965; deputy vice-chancellor in 1968. He retired in 1974.[K2O]

Place of birth: Cardiff, Wales[K2O]
Place of first marriage: Kensington[K2O]
Place of second marriage: Hamilton, Newcastle, NSW[K2O]
Place of third marriage and death: Manly, Sydney[K2O]


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