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Freiherr Nikolics de Rudna


Baron Nikolics de Rudna, 1886 (Hungary)
Lord of Mavrodin
Lord of Buzescu
Lord of Vatasani
Lord of Bloturi
Knight of the Order of the Iron Crown, first class, 1884 (Austria)
Knight Grand Cross of the Order Serbian Takovo

Positions Held

Royal commissioner of the Serbian Church Congress, 1890-1902
Member of the House of Magnates, 1886
Governor of Bosnia and Herzegovina, 1882-86


Fedor studied in Timisoara, Vienna, and Graz, and then returned home to serve as an officer under the leadership of Count Coronini.  In 1860 he was elected deputy in the parliament, representing the Pardani district, and in 1865, he represented the Jimbolia district, but retired from politics in 1867.  He returned to politics in 1880, being commissioned by the Foreign Ministry with some important missions in the Baltics, which was followed by appointment as governor of Bosnia and Herzegovina in 1882.  He represented Kikinda Mare district for three terms from 1888.  In his final years, he dedicated himself to a number of projects including the construction of transportation canals connecting the Danube and the Tisza, and Bega with Timisoara.

Place of birth: Timisoara
Place of marriage: Vienna
Place of death and burial: Rudna




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