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Raúl Madero González

Other names: Raúl Miguel Hidalgo Madero González[O94]


Belisario Domínguez Medal of Honour, 1982 (Mexico)[E15]

Positions Held

Governor of Nuevo León, 1915[T60]
Governor of Coahuila, 1957-63[E15]

Main Events

He became a mining engineer in the United States, and later joined the revolutionary movement headed by his brother Francisco, the future president of Mexico. He participated in the battle of Casas Grandes and in the capture of
Ciudad Juárez in 1911. After the murder of his brother, he joined the Zaragoza brigade in San Pedro de las Colonias. He was present at the battle of Tierra Blanca where he was promoted to colonel, and also at the battle of Ojinaga, the capture of Torreón, and the battles of Paredón, and Zacatecas. At the Convention of Aguascalientes, he opposed Carranza and supported Pancho Villa, but later broke ties with him. As governor, he carried out a number of construction projects including the colonias of Ruiz Cortines and Ejército Constitucionalista, the Ciudad Deportiva in Saltillo, the Centro de Salud, and the Centro de Maternidad.[E15]

Place of birth: Parras de la Fuente, Coahuila[O94]
Place of marriage: Monterrey, Nuevo León[O94]
Place of death: Mexico City[O94]
Place of burial: Parras de la Fuente, Coahuila[O94]


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