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Hermann von Jhering


A naturalist and zoologist. He went to São Leopoldo, Brazil, 1880, and worked there as a doctor, and in 1883, worked for the National Museum of Rio de Janeiro as a naturalist. In 1886, he settled on an island on the delta of the Camaquã River, but moved to São Paulo the next year to help with the construction of the Museu Paulista. He became its director in 1893, and was dismissed in 1916. He returned to Germany in 1920, and was later made Honorary Professor of Zoology and Palaeontology at the University of Gießen.[F6I]

Place of birth: Kiel[F6I]
Place of first marriage: Leipzig[F6I]
Place of second marriage: Gießen[F6I]
Place of death: Büdingen[F6I]



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