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Christiana Helfricht

Other names: Christiana Frederika Lauretta Helfricht


She was the daughter of Johann Friedrich Helfricht (1781–1847), and his second wife, Babina Preiss (1791–1842). Johann Friedrich's first wife was Margaretha Barbara Ernestina Moritz Valenti, by whom he had six children (one was Johann Friedrich Ferdinand Helfricht, court medallist at Gotha). By Babina he also had: Louisa Ernestina (1822–), who married Carl Friedrich Koenig—both emigrated to America in 1854; Carl Julius Ferdinand (1825–1909), who married Caroline Wilhelmine Louise Trager (1824–1910)—both emigrated to America in 1860, settling at Hartford, Connecticut, and he worked for Colt Firearms Company (their son, Cuno, was a gun engraver for Colt and was considered its best); an unnamed son (1825–); Emma Laurette (1835–). After her husband's death, Christiana moved to Newark with her daughters, Thekla and Hermine.

Place of birth: Prussia
Place of marriage: Zella
Place of death: Newark, New Jersey
Place of burial: Newark, New Jersey



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