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Ganj-'Ali Khan Zig

Other names: Arjumand Babai



Positions Held

Governor of Kerman

Governor of Kandahar 1622-24†

Governor of Sistan

Qiladar of Salamah in Khawaf


A Kurd of the Zig tribe,
Ganj-'Ali Khan was a military leader under Shah 'Abbas I whom he served since childhood, He participated in a number of battles including those against the Uzbeks in 1597, at Khorasan in 1602, and against the Ottomans in 1604. He quashed the rebellion at Baluchistan in 1601 and captured Bampur. It is said that he took part in the Georgian campaign of 1616. He was a sponsor of building construction and one of his best known achievements is the Ganjali Khan Complex in Kerman. His son 'Al Mardan Khan succeeded to his governorships of Kerman and Kandahar.

Place of death: Kandahar



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