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Faizullah Khan

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Akhta Begi


Faizullah Khan was the son of Zahid Khan Koka. He was 10 years old when his father died, and was brought up under the care of Shah Jahan, who in the 24th year of his reign conferred upon him the title of Khan and raised his rank to 2,000 zat and 1,000 sawars. In the 31st year of Shah Jahan’s reign he was appointed to the post of Akhta Begi.
By 'Ali Mardan Khan's daughter, he had Muhammad Afzal whose daughter married Azim-ush-shan, Hidayatullah Khan (diwan of Khalsa and Tan; then appointed chief diwan; Wazarat Khan, 1711; afterwards Sadullah Khan and Khan-saman), eldest son of 'Inayatullah Khan Kashmiri (Khan-saman).



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