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'Ali Mardan Khan

Other names: Baba-ye tani

Positions Held

Governor of Kandahar 1624
Governor of Kashmir

Governor of Kabul

Governor of Kerman 1624–25

Governor of Lahore




A native of Persia,
'Ali Mardan Khan was in the service of Shah Abbas I, but finding himself exposed to much danger (apparently, he was falsely charged with embezzlement) from the tyranny of Abbas' successor, Shah Safi, he gave up the place to the emperor Shah Jahan, and himself took refuge at Delhi in 1637. He was received with great honour, was created Amir-ul-Umra, and was employed in various wars and other duties. In 1646 sent against the Uzbeks conquer Balkh and Badakhshan. He excited universal admiration at the court by the skill and judgment of his public works, of which the canal which bears his name at Delhi still affords a proof, and the taste and elegance he displayed on all occasions of show and festivity. He is believed to have introduced the bulbous Tartar dome into Indian architecture. He died of dysentery when he was on his way to Kashmir, and was buried in his mother's mausoleum. His mansab awards included 5,000/5,000, 6,000/6,000, and 7,000/7,000.

Place of death: Macchiwar

Place of burial: Lahore




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