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Antun Gustav Matoš


A Croatian poet, essayist, journalist, and short-story writer, Matoš
attempted to study at the Military Veterinary Academy in Vienna, but was unsuccessful.  He then decided to devote himself entirely to writing and music, and in 1892, he published his first story, The Power of Conscience.  The following year, he was forced to join the army which he deserted in 1894 and had to leave the country.  He settled in Belgrade and worked as a cellist and journalist.  He stayed for brief periods in Munich, Vienna and Geneva, and then lived in Paris for five years where he was influenced heavily by writers such as Baudelaire, Mжrimжe, Maupassant, and others who had a formative impact on his work.  Much of his prose fiction was written during this period.  He returned to Belgrade in 1904 and was pardoned in 1908, returning to live in Zagreb.  He dedicated himself to poetry and became active in politics.  He lived a Bohemian life and made a living through his writing and journalism.  Matoš is considered one of the most outstanding modern Croatian writers.  A proponent of Croatian liberal nationalism, he played an important role in politics and, being anti-Austrian and anti-Yugoslav unity, he was praised for his views and for his support of Croatian independence.

Place of birth: Tovarnik
Place of death: Zagreb




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