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Jackie Coogan

Other names: John Leslie Coogan


Coogan was the first Hollywood child actor to receive considerable success. He began acting in film during the silent era after Charlie Chaplin discovered him at 18 months of age during a stage act (his parents were actors). When he was six-years-old, Chaplin feature him in The Kid which shot him to international fame. In 1935 he survived a car accident which killed all of the other passengers including his father. Three years later, he sued his mother and stepfather who had taken control of his finances and had spent most of his fortune. This resulted in the Child Actors Bill ('Coogan Law') to protect the rights of child actors. Coogan served in the air force during World War II. Another of his most notable roles was Uncle Fester in The Addams Family television series of 1964-66.

Place of birth: Los Angeles, California
Place of death: Santa Monica, California




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