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Cardinal Thomas Wolsey

Positions Held

Priests of Santa Cecilia 1515–30†
Papal legate for life, 1518[F76]
Bishop of Bath and Wells, 1518-23 res[O29]
Lord Chancellor of England, 1515-29[F76]
Archbishop of York, 1514-30†[F76]
Bishop of Lincoln, 1514-29[F76]
Dean of York, 1513[F76]
Rector of Great Torrington, Devon, 1511[F76]
Canon of St George's, Windsor, 1511[F76]
Registrar of the Order of the Garter, 1510[F76]
King's 0, 1509[F76]
Dean of Hereford, 1509[F76]
Dean of Lincoln, 1509[F76]
Royal chaplain, 1507[F76]
Rector of Redgrave, Suffolk, 1506[F76]
Chaplain to the archbishop of Canterbury[F76]
Dean of divinity, Magdalen, 1500-02[F76]
Master of Magdalen School[F76]


Educated at Ipswich; graduated at Oxford (Magdalen), 1486.[F76]
Ordained as a priest, 1498, parish church of St Peter at Marlborough.[F76]
Sent as an envoy to the emperor Maximilian, 1507; to Scotland, 1508; to the Low Countries, 1508.[F76]
Organised a successful expedition against France, 1513.[F76]
Through the enormous power he was to hold, both secular and ecclesiastical, he amassed wealth second only to that of the king.[F76]
Godfather to Princess Mary, 1516.[F76]
He was unable to convince Pope Clement VII to grant Henry VII an annulment of his marriage to Catherine of Aragon, and his enemies used to this to bring about his downfall.[F76]
Stripped of all his offices except for York, 1529.[F76]
Pardoned by the king and was made to move to York, 1530.[F76]
Accused of plotting with the French, and arrested for treason, 1530. Died in custody a month later.[F76]

Place of birth: Ipswich, Suffolk[J92]
Place of death: Leicester[J92]



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