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David Dyce Sombre


Knight of the Order of Christ, 1835 (Vatican)[F76]

Positions Held

Colonel, Sardhana army[F76]


Raised a Catholic by the Begum Sumru,[F76] she adopted him in 1834[S74] and made him his heir.[F76]
Assumed additional surname of Sombre.[F76]
Received his knighthood from the Pope after the Begum donated 15,000 to the Church.[F76]
Arrived in England 1838.[F76]
Elected MP for Sudbury, 1841, but his election was declared invalid in 1842 for his bribing.[F76]
Declared insane and sent to an asylum, 1842, but escaped to France in 1843.[F76]

Place of birth: Sardhana[F76]
Place of marriage: St George's Church, Hanover Square[F76]
Place of death: London[F76]
Place of burial: Kensal Green cemetery, London,[F76] interred Sardhana Cathedral, 1867[S74]


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