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Zulfiqar Khan

Positions Held

Amir-ul Umara of Shirwan 1607[P97]
Ayalat wa Darai of Shumakhi 1607[P97]
Governor of Tabriz 1604[P97]
Hakim of Ardbil 1604[P97]
Beglarbegi of Azarbaijan 1592[P97]


He was sent as an envoy to the Ottoman Empire in 1596 and returned in 1598. He clashed with the wali of Tabarsaran, Ma'sum Khan, in 1608 over the construction of a fortress. Conflict arose with the officers of Daghistan and Tabaristan and the Shah intervened. To appease the officers, and because Zulfiqar Khan had become an important and powerful noble, the Shah had him put to death.[P97]


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