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Muhammad Ibrahim, Asad Khan
(c. 1631

Positions Held

Asaf-ud Daula Jumla-ul Mulk
Wakil-i-Mutlaq 1707
Amir-ul Umara 1701
Brhamapuri 1699
Masnad-i wasarat 1687
Wazir 1676
Mir Bakhski 1671
Deputy Diwan 1670-73 res.
Second Bakhshi 1658
'Arz Waqai Subajat 1655
Akhtabegi 1653


Asad Khan was very early noticed by Shah Jahan, who married him to a daughter of his wazir Asaf Khan. In 1673 he was sent with Prince Akbar to suppress the Afghans, and in 1681/82 he was sent with Prince Azim-uddin to check Rathor activities. His other military activities include: conquest of the Nandial fort in 1690; siege of Wakankhera in 1692-93; siege of the Jinji fort in 1693; commanding the Mughal troops at the siege of the Khelna fort in 1701.

Throughout his career, Asad Khan was awarded the following ranks: 1000 zat in 1600; 1500/1600 in 1653, 2000/600 in 1655; 2000/800 in 1657; 3000/1500 in 1658; 3500/2500 in 1659; 4000/2500 in 1663; 4000/3800 in 1664; 7000/7000 in 1688, the highest rank for a noble.

After his son Zulfiqar Khan was executed, the new emperor Farrukh-siyar paraded his mangled body in his triumphal procession and Asad Khan, along with members of his family, were forced to attend. Asad Khan, now disgraced and with his estates seized, hoped to make peace with the new emperor, so he persuaded his son to visit him. and had thus put him in his power, with tears in his eyes wrote the following chronogram on his death: 'Abraham sacrificed Ishmael'. After that period, he lived upon a scanty pension in a sort of confinement, but much respected by all ranks. He was buried with great funeral pomp at the expense of the emperor, in a mausoleum, erected by his father for the family.




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