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Zulfiqar Khan

Positions Held

Subedar of Bihar 1656[P97]
Tuyuldar of Pargana Bhojpur 1644[P97]
Faujdar of Mandsor 1642[P97]
Qiladar of Lahore fort 1640[P97]
Darogha-i Topkhana 1639[P97]
Faujdar of Miyan-i-Doab 1634[P97]


He is said to have fled from Persia to India after the oppressions of Shah Abbas.[E78] He took part in the battle of Balaghat in 1631 and served with distinction. He was awarded the following mansabs: 1000/600 in 1632; 1500/800 in 1634; 2000/800 in 1640; 2000/1200 in 1642; 2000/1500 in 1644; 3000/2000 in 1653; 3000/3000 in 1656. He was struck with paralysis and retired in Patna.[P97]

Place of death: Patna[P97]


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