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Juan de Cervantes

Positions Held

Alcalde Mayor of Cabra, 1542[L64]
Alcalde Mayor of Baena, 1541[L64]
Magistrate in Plasencia, 1538[L64]

Main Events

A lawyer.[L64]
Moved from Córdoba to Álcala, 1509[K14]
Employed by the Duque de Infantado.[L64]
Sued the Mendoza family for failing to pay his daughter María a dowry as promised by Martín de Mendoza, but resulted in his imprisonment in Valladolid in 1532 for corruption.  He was later released and his daughter was given compensation.[L64]
He separated from his wife in 1538.[L64]

Place of marriage and death: Córdoba[L64]


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