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Prince Mzechabuk Amirejibi

Other names: Chabua[L67]


Shota Rustaveli Prize, 1994 (Georgia)[K20]
USSR State Prize, 1979 (Russia)[K20]

Positions Held

Member of Parliament, 1992-95.[K20]


Novelist, writer, and politician.[L67]
Co-founder of the Tetri Giorgi, an anti-Soviet organisation.[K20]
Sentenced to 25 years in prison in Siberia, 1944, accused of planning an uprising in Georgia.[K20]
Considered rehabilitated in 1959.
His work Data Tutashkhia (19731975) is considered one of the best pieces of modern Georgian literature.[K20]
Became a monk under the name of 'Davit', 2010.[260A]

Place of birth and death: Tbilisi.



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