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Julia Weissberg

Other names: Yulia Lazarevna Veysberg[E6Y]


Composer, and music critic.[E6Y]
Graduated from the St Petersburg Gymnasium, 1825.[E6Y]
Studied piano with Rimsky-Korsakov, and instrumentation with Glazunov at the St Petersburg Conservatory, 1903-05.[Z23E]
Studied with Humperdinck and Reger in Germany, 1907-12.[Z23E]
Expelled from the Conservatory for her involvement in revolutionary events, 1905, but allowed to return, and graduated in 1912.[E6Y]
Published and edited the journal The Musical Contemporary, 1915-17 with her second husband.[E6Y]
Choral director of the Young Workers' Conservatory, 1921-23.[Z23E]
Married firstly Leonid Kreutzer, 1907.[D99]
Married secondly Andrey Rimsky-Korsakov, 1914.[E6Y]

Place of birth: Orenburg[E6Y]
Place of death: Leningrad[E6Y]


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