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Shah Shuja

Positions Held

Governor of Bengal 1639-61


The second son of the emperor Shah Jahan, Sultan Suja was appointed governor of Bengal by his father, which country he governed with justice and clemency until the accession of his brother the emperor 'Alamgir and the defeat of Dara Shikoh in 1658, when he marched with a powerful army towards Delhi. He was defeated by 'Alamgir on the 5th January 1659 at Khajua, about thirty miles west of Allahabad, and pursued by Mir Jumla and Sultan Muhammad, the eldest son of 'Alamgir, to Bengal, from which place he was obliged to seek refuge in Arakan, where, two years afterwards, he was put in a boat with all his family and sunk in the river by order of the Raja of that country.

Place of birth: Ajmir




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