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Jahandar Shah
Mughal Emperor

Other names:
Muhammad Mui'zz-uddin


Lord of Thatta, 1707
Lord of Multan, 1707
Lord of Sindh


Jahandar Shah was the eldest son of the emperor Bahadur Shah, and grandson of 'Alamgir. The death of his father in 1712 was followed by the usual struggle among his sons for the crown. The incapacity of Jahandar Shah, the eldest, had given a great ascendancy to the second son, Azim-ush-Shan. He was supported by most of the nobility and of the army, but his other brothers joined their interests, and were kept together by the persuasions and false promises of Zulfikar Khan, the Amir-ul-'Umra. Their concord was of short duration, and lasted only until the defeat and death of Azim-ush-Shan; after which a bloody battle ensued between the three surviving brothers, two of whom, Jahan Shah with his son Farkhumda Akhtar, and Rafi-ush-Shan, being killed. The subject of this notice, by the intrigues and support of the Amir-ul-'Umra, remained undisputed master of the throne, and was crowned at Lahore on Thursday, the 10th of April 1712, with the title of Jahandar Shah. He was in himself a weak man, effeminately careful of his person, fond of ease, indolent, and totally ignorant of the art of government. He made the vast empire of Hindustan an offering to the foolish whims of a public courtesan, named Lal Kunwar, thus vexing the minds of worthy subjects loyal to his family. He reigned only nine months, being defeated in a battle fought, and afterwards taken prisoner and murdered in the month of January, 1713, by order of his nephew Farrukh-siyar (son of the late Azim-ush-Shan), who became emperor. His corpse was exposed to public view, and then interred in the platform before the mausoleum of the emperor Humayun.

Place of birth: Deccan
Place of death: near Agra
Place of burial: Delhi




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