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Dawar Bakhsh Bulaqi


Surnamed Mirza Bulaqi, Dawar Bakhsh was the son of Sultan Khusro. When his grandfather, the emperor Jahangir, died on his way from Kashmir to Lahore in October, 1627, Safar, 'Asaf Khan, wazir, who was all along determined to support Shah Jahan, the son of the late emperor, immediately sent off a messenger to summon him from the Deccan. In the meantime, to sanction his own measures by the appearance of legal authority, he released prince Dawar Bakhsh from prison, and proclaimed him king. Nur Jahan Begum, endeavouring to support the cause of Shahriar, her son-in-law, was placed under temporary restraint by her brother, the wazir, who then continued his march to Lahore. Shahriar, who was already in that city, forming a coalition with two others, the sons of his uncle, the late Prince Danial, marched out to oppose 'Asaf Khan. The battle ended in his defeat; he was given up by his adherents, and afterwards put to death together with Dawar Bakhsh and the two sons of Danial, by orders from Shah Jahan, who ascended the throne. Elphinstone in his History of India says that Dawar Bakhsh found means to escape to Persia, where he was afterwards seen by the Holstein ambassadors.




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